Kate Bush gemalt von Danny Green, CC BY-SA 4.0

2017: Kate-Bush-Songs der Monate

Bino 🐝
The Saxophone Song
Feso 🐎
Get Out Of My House
Golo 🐟
Rinfy The Gypsy/Playing Canasta In Cold Rooms
Huno 🐓
50 Words For Snow
Kano 🐕
Hounds Of Love
Lamo 🐪
Suspended in Gaffa
Mizo 🐈
Ne t’enfuis pas
Nago 🐀
Coffee Homeground
Riko 🐥
Do Bears …
Suso 🐖
Night of the Swallow
Tabo 🕊
Wiso 🐄
Mná na hÉireann
Zigo 🐐
And Dream of Sheep

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