Re: Roth will Geschlechterparität im Bundestag

Die Grünen-Politikerin und Bundestagsvizepräsidentin Roth will eine Geschlechterparität im Parlament umsetzen. […] Frauen im Verteidigungsausschuss hätten eine andere Sicht auf Konflikte, Männer im Familienausschuss eine andere Sicht auf die Elternzeit. Wer nur die eine Perspektive einnehme, bilde die Realität einseitig ab, mit zum Teil schwerwiegenden Folgen.

Maybe, maybe not. But nationalists also have a different perspective on defense politics and family politics than lefties. So should we force the Green party to have a respectable number of nationalists on their candidate list in order to get a more balanced perspective?

I see how her argument can be appealing to the heart, but it’s such a huge change to the idea of democracy we have and it has ridiculous consequences, when you don’t stop for no reason whatsoever at the genitals of politicians and think it through further. It is not a reasonable argument.

If the Greens really want a realistic representation of society in the parliament (in contrast to who the people want to be represented by from those who volunteer to do the job, which more or less is what we have now), then they’d better ask to abolish elections and make a parliament lottery, where people are randomly selected out of the whole society. Then they’d get around 50–51% women, too.

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