Welcome to a do-it-yourself crossword puzzle! Do-it-yourself means that I will only provide some ingredients. You have to use these ingredients to create and solve your puzzle on paper or in your mind. The first ingredient is a grid consisting of nine cells:

3 × 3 cells form a grid

The other ingredients are three boxes with clues. Each clue describes a word:

three clues: a window to the soul, sailor’s yes, who solves this puzzle

Your task is to create a Swedish-style crossword puzzle: put each clue into one of the nine cells of the grid and add tiny arrows to the clues that show in which direction the answers have to be put into the grid. Of course you also need to solve your crossword puzzle: write the answers into the grid so that each of the six remaining cells is filled with a single letter. There should be no blank cells left at the end.

Have fun!