Sunday, 11 September 2005

in a fast food restaurant chairs, bar stools, tables and orange pillars in front of glass windows
A view from inside McDonald's.
three signs: the uppermost a stopping restriction sign, below a sign with the word "Telebushalteplatz", the lowermost with the words "auf Feuerwehrstellfläche"
I wonder what a Telebus is.
a three-storey bridge over a road; in the background houses
A multi-story bridge.
a multi-storey car park
Multi-story car park.
a short but wide road tunnel with broad pavements
There's a light at the end of the tunnel.
in the foreground chestnut leaves; in the background birches
Damaged chestnut leaves. We have a campaign Save the chestnut! in Berlin to protect chestnut trees from horse chestnut leaf-miners, that endanger our trees. We have hardly healthy chestnut trees here.
trunks of two birches, a pedestrian path, benches and a lawn
No comment.

These photos from September 2005 were taken on the way from Berlin-Spandau station to my flat.