The photograph shows Migo's wet and dirty face. He looks happy. The black lab wears a blue collar with a claret-red coloured pendant. The background is blurred and shows a field, a path covered by water and far away the Max-Planck-Institutes of Golm.


Migo isn't enthusiastic about rain. He prefers water from beneath as in puddles, rivers, lakes or the sea to water from above like showers in- and outside or from a garden hose. However, summer rains are welcome because they bring falling temperatures and less direct sun light on Migo's black coat. Summer rains make Migo blossom like a desert flower.

It's raining right now. But unfortunately we can't seize this opportunity for a very long walk, which is rather rare in hot July, for Migo's right-hand hindpaw has a cut. The patient needs to rest.