Mouse et cetera

Add a search box in the header or elsewhere



in your @header.nml file to add a search box to the headers of your webpages. The box forwards search requests to your actual search engine page. Also write

@style: ->/aneamal/x-mouse/style.css

in @header.nml, if you want to use the Mouse standard design for the search box. What works in @header.nml works in other Aneamal files, too.

Improve accessibility

You can add a short label such as search website after a colon within the x-mouse token, which describes the search function for blind users:

[x-mouse:search website]->

This also works for search boxes that redirect to the actual search page:

[x-mouse/goto:search website]->link-to-your-search-page

The otherwise hidden label is announced by screen readers for the search button.

Show the newest pages



to list the most recent page which the Mouse crawler has encountered for the first time. The address of your homepage must be exactly the same here as in your search page. From AneamalĀ 28 on you can declare how many recent pages shall be shown with

@x-mouse: news=5

or another number, respectively.