DIY Crossword Puzzle Solutions

Earlier this year I published ingredients for a do-it-yourself crossword puzzle. My mother Ellen sent me three solutions, which I want to display here together with my own attempt. My mother’s first attempt looks like this:

Ellen’s first solution

It does not really meet the challenge as I meant it. But a sweet thing about do-it-yourself puzzles is that you decide what to make of it, so that’s fine. Anyway, when I explained to my mother how I meant the challenge, she continued to work on it and sent me two more solutions. Here are her second and third attempts:

Ellen’s second solution
Ellen’s third solution

I like my mother’s third solution best, better than my own reference solution below. An advantage of Ellen’s third solution is that all answers overlap in it, which is desirable in a crossword puzzle. My solution has one answer that is not connected to the others:

Martin’s solution