Migo on the Beach

September 2014

Labrador Retriever looking right
Migo looks right.
doggie showing his tongue
There’s a little beach at the confluence of the rivers Stepenitz and Karthane in Wittenberge that Mathies, Migo and I visited on 16th of September 2014.
A trip to the beach is always fun. Migo enjoys swimming and retrieving things from the water a lot. Being photographed is less exciting.
dog with a little path of missing fur
The small part of Migos left front leg where the hair is missing had been shaved a few days earlier by the vet for applying anesthetics in preparation of a gum surgery.
Migo the dog
What’s going to happen now?
confluence of the rivers Stepenitz and Karthane with Singer/Veritas sewing machine factory
Migo swimming to fetch a wooden stick from the water. The clock tower of the former Singer and Veritas sewing machine factory is visible in the background.
We have been to this beach a few times. Exactly two years earlier a donkey had gnawn on plants on the opposite shore.
two shores – sandy riverside and sheet pile wall
Migo saved the stick.