Wednesday, 7 September 2005

These photographs from the September 2005 photo series were taken in the early afternoon. Apparently I was working the late shift. The captions are from September 2005.

a piece of paper telling when the chimney sweeper comes to check chimneys
The chimney sweeper is coming! It's the same procedure as every year: He's a normal person. So he works when normal persons do. Plus he wants to check the chimneys in normal persons' apartments… *sigh*
three shopping carts and a baby carriage between waste containers
Why do inhabitants of my apartment house throw away shopping carts?
in the foreground birches, behind them on a lawn an irrigation sprinkler creating a rainbow and a girl in the sprinkling water
There's a child leaning against the rainbow. :o
a triangle-shaped sign with a tulip and the words "Geschützte Grünanlage" below
This sign says protected public park and below (according to the) law from November 24th, 1997. We have laws for everything in Germany. Biggest bureaucracy in the world, YAY!
the lower part of a multi-storey building; in the ground floor a barbershop and a restaurant
My barber.
a floor made from marble (or polished limestone/dolomite rock)
Can you see the fossil nautiluses in the ground? This is the floor in the Spandau Arcades…
the floor in a shopping mall
There are hundreds of fossils in the floor. I tread on bodies :S. Better not think about it.
on a blue sign in white a woman with a child in its upper half and a bicycle in its lower half; both halves are separated by a horizontal bar
No comment.
in a car's rear-view mirror a young man's face
This is me. Guess why I grimace like that - almost with pain! (Before you answer: Please consider that I can't see myself but the camera in the mirror. Optics rock.)
the rear end of a car transport truck that doesn't carry any cars
You could argue that I wanted to take a picture of a yellow car transport truck. You could also argue that I was just using the truck as alibi to take a picture of my watch again, as I already did yesterday.
the trunk of a tree that seems to be leaning
The tree stands upright on the ground. This is the effect of (car speed) vs. (photo chip speed + me trying to compensate). You can see parts of my company in the background.
two trees and an election poster with the words "Mehr Wachstum. Mehr Arbeit." on it
Another election poster. This time without stuffed dog.