Tuesday, 6 September 2005

The second day of my September 2005 photo series shows that I haven't been vegetarian in 2005 yet. I've stopped eating meat and other products of animal slaughter in autumn 2006. The captions are from the time the photographs were taken.

a Schlecker drugstore
The drugstore where I used to buy my deodorants. But yesterday they didn't have the sensitive anymore and said they wouldn't get them soon :(. I can only use sensitive ones or my armpits look and feel sunburnt.
an election poster for the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) showing a smiling man with glasses and a boy on his back; the boy is holding a stuffed dog in his left hand
Why is this election poster so alluring?
a movie poster for "Broken Flowers" on an advertising column; the poster shows Bill Murray
Bill Murray in Berlin.
the town hall of Berlin-Spandau: a massive early 20th century building with a clock tower
Berlin-Spandau's city hall once again.
a single pillar supports the roof above the entrance to a shopping mall
Entrance to the Spandau Arcades.
a McDonald's fast food restaurant behind glass windows
Burger King.
a McDonald's cheesburger still in its wrapping
That's a cheeseburger on my bag-around-the-world-1997. Despite the corporate design policy of McDonald's this wrapping looks different than in other countries. Why is that? It has a label on it saying it was tested by the Stiftung Warentest as best of 19 burgers. YAY! The Stiftung Warentest is an organization that tests about everything you buy in Germany: tooth paste, burgers, computers, insurances... The McDonald's cheeseburger is the basis of my diet. I complete my nutrition with Coke, Fanta and the like.
trees with green leaves
The daily green photo.
a wristwatch at five minutes to two o'clock
It's almost 2 pm on some idle Tuesday. Time to go to work :(.
cars crossing an intersection; in the background there's a glass roof over a train station and a road tunnel below it
No comment.
a bridge over a highway seen from inside a car on the highway
On the way to work.
in the foreground a field or meadow; in the background nine wind turbines
Wind turbines.