Monday, 5 September 2005

In September 2005 I resumed a project started in May of the same year: document my everyday life by taking photos of things that cross my way. At that time I published the photographs on a temporary website of mine along with sometimes not so serious captions. You can find those captions (almost) unaltered next to the September photos. Here is the first set from the series, taken on an ordinary Monday.

green leaves
Spandau leaves.
a young man sitting on a red bench
The cute thing on the bench is my bag-around-the-world-1997. It's designed for traveling people.
the cover of the Azumanga Daioh manga volume 2 showing a red-haired little girl with her arm raised in a greeting gesture
Classic literature.
traffic signs over a highway, seen from inside a car
On the way to work (1).
a young man on the driver seat of a car holding the steering wheel
Christian, driving the car.
face and thumb in car's sun visor's mirror
This is me and my thumb in the mirror.
photograph that appears to sho a deformed head of a car driver
This is what happens when you move the camera while taking a photo.
cars and a truck driving through an alley, seen from inside a car
On the way to work (2).
cars parking in front of an industrial building
This is where I work: B/S/H/ Hausgerätewerk Nauen GmbH. It's much bigger than it looks. My camera is simply to small to put the whole thing into its memory. Unfortunately I can't take pictures from inside without getting fired.
a red, a green and a cyan light in the dark
Darkness (1).
lights in the dark above an S-Bahn coach
Darkness (2).
more lights in the dark, mirrored multiple times
Darkness (3).
again: lights in the dark
Darkness (4).
red traffic lights
Darkness (5) - Must be the red light district.
diffuse light from what appears to be a street lamp
Just a regular UFO.
corridor in a house
You can't see my doormat in this picture because it was stolen.